Greek Recipes


Materials (4 persons)
1 Cucumber
500 grammars yogurt (full fatness)
2-3 pieces of garlic slices
1 table spoon of extra virgin oil
1 table spoon of Vinegar
Small amount of Salt
We rub the cucumber in the grater, and we throw out the cucumber’s liquids.
Then we add the yogurt, the oil, the vinegar, the salt and we mix it well.
We place it in the refrigerator for half hour.
After half an hour it is ready to serve.
We propose, to put little extra virgin oil of it and certain olives for decor.

Greek Coffee
greek coffee

Materials (Greek Coffee) (1 person)
1 and half tea spoon of Greek Coffee
2 tea spoon sugar (sweet) or
1 tea spoon of sugar (middle) or
None spoon of sugar
An espresso cup full of water (or Greek coffee cup)
(this is for one person, for more persons double, triple e.t.c. the doses)
Put the water into the hotpot
put the coffee and the sugar
put the hotpot into the oven
mixing well with a small spoon
and wait until starts to boil
Serve the coffee into a small
cups of espresso or the Greek coffee cups.
Serve with spoon sweets

Enjoy the Real Nescafe Frappe (Greek Patent)

Materials (Nescafe Frappe) (1 person)
1 and half tea spoon of Nescafe Coffee
2 tea spoon sugar (sweet) or
1 tea spoon of sugar (middle) or
None spoon of sugar
Water, Milk and ice cubes
Put the coffee and the sugar into shaker
Add very little amount of cold water
Shake it well
Empty the shaker into a glass
Add water (half of the glass)
Add small amount of milk
Put 2 ice cubes and a straw
Enjoy your frappe!
(Remember this coffee is strong dont drink much coffees during the day)

Greek salad (Choriatiki Salata)

Materials (3-4 persons)
1 Cucumber
2 tomatoes
1 green pepper (not hot)
1 onion
200 grammars of Feta cheese
Extra Virgin Oil
Olives (optional)
Vinegar (optional)
We cut in small pieces the cucumber, then the tomatoes in slices (8 slices per tomato),
we make small pieces the green pepper and the dry onion.
We put all the materials into a big bawl and we mix them light. Then we cut in small cubes the feta cheese and we throw it above the other materials.
Just a minute before you serve the Greek salad, put some salt, oregano and the olives, then put extra virgin oil (or even vinegar) and the Greek salad is ready to serve.
You can eat it as a starter or main dish or combination with the main dish (either fish or meat)

Dolmadakia (Vineyard leaves stuffed with rise)

Materials (4+ persons)
Grape leaves
3 small cups of rice
6 onion springs or alternative 2 dry onions
A little bit of spearmint
3 lemons (the juice from lemons)
1 tea cup of virgin oil
Salt and Pepper
First we cut very small pieces the onion springs.
We put the onion in a bawl with the rice.
We take the juice of 1 lemon and we throw it also in the bawl.
We put the half of the tea cup oil, the salt and the pepper.
We mixing good and then we start to wrap our mixture into the grape leaves.
We place the leaves with their glossy surface sides down.
We take a teaspoon, full of our mixture and we place it into the leave and we wrap it gently.
We place it in a saucepan in a line, the one near to the other and keep in mind, do not leave space between the dolmadakia because with the cooking they will start to open.
We put salt and the juice from the 2 lemons, the other half of the oil and so water, until it covers the dolmadakia. Finally we place a dish from above to be a bit heavy or under pressure.
Then we thinly cook in low fire for roughly 30 minutes.
After the cooking, we put it in a plate gently and we leave it. We can eat it hot or cold. For serving suggestion put a little yogurt or tzatziki in the same plate and near the dolmadakia. This is great and tastefully combination.

Greek Mousaka

Materials (6 persons)
700 grammars of mincemeat
250 grammars of butter
oil for frying
10 aborigines (egg plants)
3 onions
1 dose of parsley
2 eggs
1 glass of white wine
8 table spoon of hardtack (toast,dry) rubbed
2-3 tomatoes

For the Bechamel
1 table spoon of butter
1 table spoon of flour
150 grammars of rubbed cheese (Gouda cheese)
1 bottle of milk
2 eggs
We cut slices elongated the aborigines and we salt it light and we leave it half hour to stand before we wash it. We do this to have a sweeter taste. We put in saucepan or frying pan 2 spoons of butter. We cut in small pieces the onion and we put it in the frying pan and also we put the chopped meat. We leave it to cook for a while and then we extinguish with the wine.
We put the tomato, parsley, salt, pepper and proportional water and we leave it to boil covered for 1 hour.
We fry the dry(from water) aborigines with sun oil or oil for frying.
We lay the half egg plants in baking pan buttered and with top we throw the rubbed toast. We mix with the mincemeat, 4 spoonfuls rubbed toast, we put also the mix in the baking pan and finally we put the other half aborigines .
Preparation of the bechamel: We melt the butter in a saucepan, we throw the flour and we burn it a little. We add the milk, and we mixing continuously in order to do not clot (burn). We lower from the hit and we lay above the aborigines .
At the end we put the rubbed cheese from the top. Finally, we take the yellow of the eggs and after a good mixing in a plate, we put it around the baking pan, and we put it in a oven for 1 hour.


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