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  • Τhe village its a very beautiful and graphic village, in the first peninsula (leg) of halkidiki, Kassandra. It is 96 kilometers from Thessaloniki. The name, has taken from the first resident of village that (as they said) it was from Chania of Cretes.

    The old village is not in the same place that is today, but 2,5 kilometres roughly in the hinterland of peninsula. It was transported there in 1930 after the old village was destroyed from big earthquake.

    Thus, as newer village, maintains satisfactory architectural system and does not exist land-planning anarchy. In Hanioti, the tourist can find anything they want. From beautiful beaches and full of green parks to beautiful graphic restaurants, bars, coffee shops and clubs. There are enough hotels as well rooms for rent.

    When you are in Hanioti you can enjoy your greek coffee in beautiful coffee-bar PARALIO, that is in the finish of street to the beach and from your left side. Has great view of the big green park and the sea. Also you can have lunch in the greek traditional taverns, full of fresh fishes, or you can enjoy a taste souvlaki in the main square of village.

    The evening is changed in a cosmopolitan part, where in the shops and in the small streets around the main square, is full of crowd for shopping, drinking and enjoy their holidays. Round the square you can acquire your personal paint portrait, because usually exist excellent painters that with few Euros gives you a good memorabilia of your holidays.

    For swimming, you can go in the beach under the park, where exist a beautiful sandy beach with blue-green crystal waters but also outside from the village you can find beach bars and you combine your swimming, sun bathing and your drink or coffee.

    During the summer period, the cars are prohibited in the centre of village at the nights.

    - You can park your car in the big parking that is front of the Town Hall.

    - There are two big supermarkets for your grocery. One at the entry of the village and the other before the exit from the village (in the main street).



    It would be advisable not to use a car in the center of the village during weekends, since traffic is heavy. If you want you can rent a bike or motorbike from one of the existent stores.