Halkidiki products

, Halkidiki products

Τhanks to the climate and the morphology of territory, Chalkidiki, produces oil and olives that they distinguish for the particular flavour and their quality. The olive trees of Chalkidiki are cultivated without chemical interventions. The high nutritious value and the unique flavour of olive and the olive oil of Chalkidiki have established him as a integral component of Mediterranean diet. Tastily and healthily change the flavour of the salads and the foods in real [gourme] enjoyments.

, Halkidiki products
, Halkidiki products

Chalkidiki is one from the bigger productive area units of honey in Greece.
With 6.500 honey workers (32% of total of country) and 1.910 tons of production of exceptional quality of honey annually, it is characterized as the centre of honey produce in Greece

The climate and good ground conditions, the vegetation of Chalkidiki and the powerful veterinary surgeon delivery have as resulting from the production of veterinary surgeon products. The Goat Cheese is the traditional cheese of Chalkidiki, is produced by unmixed Goats milk and has increased content in protein. With respect in the delivery, the cattle-breeders of Chalkidiki produce important quantities of Goat cheese.

, Halkidiki products
, Halkidiki products

The ouzo is produced traditionally and exclusively in Greece. It is the product of distillation of [stemfylon] and other sugar ingredients, that have flavours with seeds with [glikanisos], gum Chios and other aromatic seeds, plants or fruits. The ouzo, for the distillation of which is used special distillatory instrument, can drink it straight or with addition of water – the white color that is created in this case is related with the content of ouzo in [anitholi], his alcoholic title, the quantity of water and the temperature.

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